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Once you reach the White Cliffs Underground Motel, you will begin to explore and discover a maze of corridors, rooms, facilities, and activities.

Enjoy the pool, sitting in a unique setting on the southern side of the hill, where you can look out over vast expanses of what was once an underground sea, watch the colours change as the sun goes down, or gaze at the vast and brilliant night sky.

From the top of Smith Hill, or the landing in front of the Motel, you will see both sunsets, and sunrises that are unsurpassed. The colour changes quickly, and as the sun slips over the horizon, you will see another whole range of colours emerging.

The night skies at White Cliffs are some of the best you will see in this country. If you spend some time, you will not only pick out the various stars and constellations, but you may also begin to understand the meaning of the patterns seen by our ancient people. ‘Star gazing’ evenings are provided for groups by one of the local experts.

If table tennis, board games or darts are for you, you will find it all as part of the complex at the Motel.

Enjoy the best coffee, refreshments, lunch and dinner and a chat in the Gallery where local artists works are featured, and browse the shop where you can purchase items to retain the memories of White Cliffs and the Opal fields, or original artworks by our featured artists. Guests can also enjoy a drink at the bar or relax in the beer garden with friends or a good book.

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