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Within the township of White Cliffs itself, and no more than 2 km from the Motel, there are places to visit, history to absorb and a culture to learn about.

The town developed due to the lure of the Opal, and it remains one of the main attractions today. You can visit the galleries and shops, to find a keepsake that is especially for you, talk to the locals and find out what it is that attracts people to this way of life and to this place. There are currently 5 Opal showrooms, a photography gallery, and coffee shops/cafes in White Cliffs, all with their unique differences.

There are tour operators for large or small groups, and mine tours are conducted so you can understand what it really is like mining in White Clfifs today. And of course there is the local characters such as ‘Jock‘ that will keep you entertained while he tells the tales of this place, today and in the past.

The Heritage trail is a must for anyone intrigued by ‘the way it was’. As you go from the centre of town, with the old police station, the Hotel, the Solar Power Station to the Pioneer cemetary and General cemetary, the Bill O’Rielly Oval and eventually to ‘The Blocks’ you will learn about and feel the challenge and hardship endured in the early days of a pioneering Opal mining town.

If you enjoy walking, the area offers opportunities for short walks, of less than an hour:

To the middle of town or around Smith’s Hill.

And longer walks of up to half a day covering the Heritage Trail, the Airport and the Showground.

For the fitness enthusiasts, at dawn you will enjoy not only the landscape and the open space, but also the spectacular sunrises that the outback and White Cliffs in particular are known for.

And it is rare that people visit White Cliffs without spending some time trying their luck at fossicking for Opal. Occasionally someone is lucky, but most everyone can go away with a small peice of colourful stone which can be piced up on the ground around town.

But meet the locals, enjoy the characters, and leave a little richer than when you arrived.

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