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Eddy Harris is a descendent of the Barkandji Nation, was born in Wilcannia and is one of 8 children. While he has lived elsewhere, he now lives and works back in Wilcannia. He has exhibited extensively in both group and solo exhibitions around NSW and was recently selected as a finalist in the ‘Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Awards2012’ with his work ‘Baka Billabongs’.

His works are held in private collections both nationally and internationally – in Asia, US, UK and Europe.

The barkandji people traditionally lived along the banks of the magnificent Darling River in Far Western NSW, near Wilcannia. Eddy’s work depicts the animals, land, lives, and people and culture with sensitivity and heart. They show things he sees and feels while in the bush, and in both his art and life, it is important to keep his culture alive.

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